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About Direct Exchange
The questions below are frequently asked questions about Direct Exchange from independent practices. 

So my practice has adopted an EHR. Now what?
Many Arizona providers have successfully adopted electronic health records (EHRs) and are meeting Meaningful Use Stage 1 requirements. While this is an important first step, real optimization of EHRs requires that providers have an electronic connection for the secure and private exchange of a patient’s health information with other providers, labs and patients. In fact, under the recently announced proposed rule for Meaningful Use Stage 2, providers are required to exchange patient health information with other providers electronically on an ongoing basis.

What is Direct Exchange?
Direct Exchange, sometimes called the "push” approach, is a secure connection between two trusted entities, where information is "pushed” by secure e-mail from one entity to another.  This might involve receiving lab results, sending a care summary to a patient’s specialist, submitting patient data to a state registry or referring a patient to another provider.  Direct Exchange involves using the secure messaging services offered by health information service providers (HISPs) who facilitate Direct messaging between two trusted entities.

What are the advantages of Direct Exchange?
Direct exchange is simple and inexpensive. It is a secure e-mail connection between providers, other health care entities or patients. While pricing will vary, its basic cost per month is approximately equivalent to the co-pay for one office visit. It requires no capital investment, and it allows a practice to have a secure and private connection with its referral network and with other health care entities like labs.

Who is in the referral network of your practice?
A key consideration to determine whether Direct Exchange is the best HIE solution for your practice is to consider your referral network. Who refers patients to your practice? And who are the providers and specialists to whom your practice refers? Who are the labs that you and your patients use? In developing a plan for Direct exchange for your practice, it is important to identify your referral network and get all parties in the network connected via Direct.

What is the Arizona HIE Marketplace?
The Arizona HIE Marketplace is a program administered by Arizona Health-e Connection (AzHeC) under the direction of the State of Arizona and the Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology office (ASET) to provide viable options for HIE to all Arizona providers and to assist providers in participating in secure HIE. AzHeC is assisting in developing a marketplace for the Direct approach, based on services offered by health information service providers (HISPs). AzHeC has reviewed applications from HISPs and has published an approved HISP vendor that meets a minimum set of specifications and requirements. AzHeC is also identifying practices that are interested in learning more about Direct exchange (see Provider Interest Form for Direct Exchange below), and will introduce these practices to educational opportunities on Direct Exchange and to the approved list of HISP vendors in Arizona.

Direct Exchange Use Cases in AZ

With the help of AzHeC, hundreds of doctors in Arizona are registered for Direct Exchange. Many have found specific uses that save their practices time, money and frustration compared with the old way of currier service or fax.  Read the stories below to find out more:

Little Colorado Medical Center and Indian Health Services

Mohave County Community Medical Center and North Country Health Care


Approved HISP Vendors


Vendor Name
Contact Information
Vendor Page

Sean Kelly

Manager of Strategic Business Development

Phone: 888-206-4237 Ext. 230

View vendor details.

Ron Haines

Phone: 970-472-1441

View vendor details.

Sonora Quest Sales and Marketing Department

 View vendor details.



Here you can view the slide presentation from the HIE Marketplace Launch webinar.

View a provider fact sheet on Direct Exchange.


Provider Interest Form for Direct Exchange

Interested in learning more about Direct Exchange and the process to obtain a Direct account? Fill out the form below.

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